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altThe Sevier County Chopper Experience

Why is it that more and more people are getting into the world of helicopters? Answer, because the helicopter world rocks!  Whether you want to fly for a hospital, police, search & rescue, utlity, or simply for fun, helicopters are the choice aircraft. We get a wide variety of people who come and receive training from our experienced flight instructors here at Sevier County Choppers. Individuals who are wanting to make flying helicopters a career, business owners, rated airplane pilots, etc.

Sevier County Choppers offers flight training for people who have zero flight experience and take them to being a fully rated commercial instrument pilot & flight instructor.  We can provide training for you to get a Private (PPL), Instrument, Commercial (CPL), Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), & Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII).

If you are already a rated pilot and would like to get an add-on rating, recurrency training, instrument proficiency checks (IPC), or simply want to go and have a good flight, we can help you with that.

Sevier County Choppers offers flight training in the very popular and reliable Robinson R22 and Robinson R44.  Our Robinson R22 is an instrument trainer, allowing most people to save a lot of money compared to renting an R44.

altWe have our own full-time mechanics to minimize aircraft downtime for routine inspection.

Sevier County Choppers is currently a Part 61 Flight School.  Being a Part 61 flight school has some major advantages over a Part 141 school.  Because many of the people who train here progress at different rates or want to focus their training relative to a certain kind of job, we don't have to stick to a strict 141 syllabus.

Sevier County Choppers is a small flight school where our main focus isn't becoming a massive flight operation. Our philosophy is to offer training to those who desire, but to have a job for everyone who goes through the entire program.  We see too many low-time (200hr) flight instructors who receive training from many of the flight schools who are not hired and are left with $60,000 of debt and no job.

If you are looking for a flight training environment that offers premium flight instruction, free one-on-one ground instruction, and a friendly and relaxed environment, Sevier County Choppers is the place to be. 

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